Olive & June is a new kind of neighborhood nail salon founded on the idea that getting a manicure and pedicure should be downright lovely. We keep all of your preferences on file. We make it our business to know if you like to have your cuticles pushed back, drink coffee or tea, or if you’ve committed to Geranium on your toes. Our talented nail technicians care about their work and your experience. Collaborations with our favorite beauty companies ensure our signature services and exclusive products deliver results. We hope the time you spend with us is the best part of your day.

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Sarah Gibson Tuttle is a mani / pedi obsessive. She’s also the founder of Olive & June, the nail salon she named after her great-grandma and grandma, the Gibson women who taught her the importance of having high standards and a big heart.

Before opening the Beverly Hills flagship, Sarah was a New Yorker through and through. But one day L.A. with its blue skies and laidback ways wooed her out west. She fell in instalove with the beachy waves, year-round summer, and endless possibilities.

But when it came to getting a manicure, the prospects were less than sunny. She searched high. She searched low. She went anywhere anyone she trusted told her to go. But in the end it seemed the options were either fancy-pants or divey. Was it too much to ask that a solid paint job and a little pampering put a lady in a good mood? (Sheesh!) So Sarah decided to create exactly what she was looking for but could never find.


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